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@@@ preICO happening NOW @@@

Cacao Shares (CcS)

You can buy Now CacaoShares at 47% discount! at www.cacaoshares.com

CacaoShares is a digital asset that enables anyone to own Cacao Trees and be rewarded from it, for years 

Token based on a tangible fixed assets, Cacao Trees of the Criollo Type. Tagged for Real time traceability of its yield and its genetics. We also have already completed a minimal viable pototype of this app and will be available for beta testing to early contributors 

The Cacao Industry has structural problems, particularly the Fine Cacao grown in Venezuela and exported to Japan suffers from low yield and poor productivity because of aging trees and gaps in management

CCS allows People to Invest In the Future of Cacao Trees As Chocolate Becomes Popular In Japan. By using the blockchain Technology we can solve two major problems of the Cacao industry: Traceability and Availability. Our goal is to plant 1 million new Cacao Criollo Trees and tag them to the Blockchain for perfect traceability

Only 1,388,888 CcS will be offered on preSALE @ 47% discount plus bonus of 5% for 1 ETH or more and 10% for 10 ETH or more. 


Theobroma Cacao is an outstanding tree species that is vital to the production of chocolate among other foods. The bean is grown in many parts of the world, but it is in Venezuela where it truly stands out. Venezuelan cacao, known as Cacao Criollo is considered to be the most biodiverse cacao in the world. It has especially become a big deal in Japan where 50% of Venezuelan Exports of Cacao representing 10% of the Total Market Share of Cacao Imports into Japan.


It is with this that a CacaoShares ICO is being set up to support the development of cacao trees in Venezuela. Cacao Shares has been set up as an exciting program. The ICO is being backed by numerous people with strong experience in today’s investment field.

An extensive team is currently supporting criollo Sur Del Lago Tokens. Jose Alejandro Patino is the main coordinator of the program. He is an entrepreneur who has been working in the IT sector since 2002. Nakata Hiro, a Japanese entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in the food industry, is also a big part of the program. Foreign trade expert Rafael Devia is also participating.

The ICO will help to raise funds to get the Criollo type tree in Sur Del Lago in Venezuela grown and then exported out to Japan. This is a country where the cacao beans are highly valued. Asia has become one of the top consumers of cacao in recent years.


Every share that a person acquires during the ICO will be good for the quota of the entire life of a cacao tree. The sponsor of a tree will be rewarded based on the productivity of that tree . This comes as the value of the Fine Cacao Beans has become greater in recent time.


The ICO is based on the Ethereum blockchain. All Cacao trees will be tagged with physical sensors to monitor how well the trees are producing cacao and how they are being  harvested and sent out to Japan. This helps to identify the varieties of Cacao and how well the trees are growing beans. The above is called traceability and it is highly valued in the Cacao Trade.

The shares being offered will entail ownership of a fixed asset. The people who own Cacao Shares own the trees in question. This works to not only help the economy but to also promote social responsibility through the development of  trees it is expected to help the communities involved to have livelihood for many years .

Additional information on the Cacao Shares ICO can be found online at www.cacaoshares.com. The program is expected to be a big deal for people looking to endorse initiatives related to the environment and new technologies


Other Important links

Elevator pitch (1 minute): https://youtu.be/8JblegUk1d8

White paper: http://cacaoshares.com/cacaoshares-whitepaper/
Team: http://cacaoshares.com/management
FAQ: http://cacaoshares.com/faq/
Buy Shares on preSALE: [url=https://cacaoshares.com[/url] (On Feb 14, 2018 00:00 Japan time)
Telegram: Click here
Etherscan:   Click here


Completed Milestones of the Project until Feb 14 2018 (From recent to oldest)

For a list of milestones please refer to our whitepaper

    Launch PreSAle Fund Raise -  February 14, 2018
    Beta Tree Manager App on Google Play - February 9,  2018
    Develop the Beta of the Tree manager App - December 1, 2017
    Develop the Smart Contracts - November 30, 2017
    Complete the Website - September 9, 2017
    Feasibility Studies - August, 2017
    Creation of the Conceptual idea - January 2017
    Identification of The Problem - August 2016


Our team will be happy to answer your questions or comments via this topic. This is a work in progress

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