Negative karmic bonds and how to sever the links!

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Sat May 20, 2017 2:48 pm

Wether we see the negative karmic bonds as appearing during this one lifetime or as links following us through several lifetimes is not so important, what matters is your willingness to let go of the negative connection.
Karma is just another word for the universal law of cause and effect. Naturally you will have both negative and positive karmic bonds to other souls.
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A positive bond with another soul would make you feel very generous and helpful towards this soul, you would feel that you are like a team helping each other, you stay in touch and you strive to strengthen your positive bond and to help each other to evolve.

A negative karmic bond is a bond between two souls that is built on negative emotions like anger, hatred, resentment, fear, violence etc. and with these souls we will stay bonded until we can forgive and let go i.e. letting go of the negative emotion connecting you with that particular soul.

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The good news is that you don’t have to resolve the bond face to face, you can do this even if the person has passed away, it is enough that you want to forgive and let go. There are many forgiveness techniques out there, i.e.. the Hawaiian Ho’ oponopono and others, but I will share with you what I have used and what helped me.

But first I want to talk a bit about my own thoughts and discoveries about forgiveness. Something that i was always struggling with, was how to forgive in a way that doesn’t humiliate myself and give the ”perpetrator” some kind of reward.
God knows I tried all different versions… But what really helped me on my journey was to understand the difference between inner and outer forgiveness.
I used to think that I had to make friends with that someone, whatever they did bad to me, and continue being in good standards. To swallow the hurts and not to stand up for myself. Sometimes when people hurt each other they are even doing things that are against the law.
But now I understand that there is a big difference between inner and outer forgiveness. Internally you forgive but externally you defend yourself. Sometimes you even have to go to court to defend yourself. But internally you forgive, you release the negative emotions because you don’t want to carry the negative emotions with you for weeks, months sometimes even years, or worst case scenarion for a whole lifetime.
Although this might sound impossible to you right now, because forgiveness is often a very difficult thing… And the reasons for that are many. Here I will explain a little on how it all happens on an energetic level, how trauma, abuse or just ”ordinary” hurts affect your energy body and your aura.
I will take as an example a ”normal” parent child situation, when a parent repeatedly will tell their child that it is not performing well enough at school, this energy will be injected into the aura and chakras of the child, and it will affect the child negatively and this might cause low self esteem or some other negative emotion when the child grows up.
Of course there is a whole science behind this, and when you study Pranic Healing you will learn about it on a deeper level, but just to give you a brief outline.

So the problem lies on an energetic level. The negative thoughts and emotions are actually embedded in the energy body and you need an approach that will access that level of you. And the solution to this is to begin cleansing your energy body using energetic cleaning techniques. Personally I meditate every day with a meditation designed specially to cleanse my energy body from all kinds of negative influences.
To heal your relationships will take time, it took time to create the problem and it will take time to fix it to, but it is possible.
This meditation I use, Twin Hearts meditation, is a version of the buddhist meditation for peace and will activate certain chakras in your energy body and this will begin to slowly, slowly flush out the negative energies from your system. It is a very effective and simple tool to dissolve and remove negative energies and to achieve the state of mind where you can begin to forgive and let go of negative karmic bonds.

If you want to try the guided meditation on Twin Hearts, this is the link:
Below the video version of the meditation is a audio version and this one is addressing forgiveness in particular, all you have to do is listen and follow the instructions.
If you want to try this technique to cleanse your energy body it is also quite important that you do some physical exercises before and after, specially if you do it regularly, to loosen up your body for the energies to flow more easily. For more instructions about how to do the meditation in the best way, go here:

If you want more help, the healing method Pranic Healing is also incredibly effective in removing such negative energies. You can have a distant Pranic Healing session with me, or you can find a Pranic Healer in your area.

I hope you have profited from this information and that you will feel inspired to begin with your regular energy showers…!
Enjoy the ride ;)

I’m a Pranic healer, analysing astrology and also working with Tarot and crystals. I'm part of the KATZ coin Team to :P Hope to provide You with the best info from all my worlds!

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Sun May 21, 2017 5:11 pm

Very interesting point on karma. I believe in Karma as well. I have hard time in the forgiving factor to let go of the negativity. Thanks for the links to try the meditation techniques. I will try this when I have some free time as this is right what I could use now.

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Sun May 21, 2017 5:25 pm

Understandable and clear!

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Sun May 21, 2017 11:02 pm

sometimes i wish my adhd would let me read stuff like this i will bookmark this and come back later when im feeling more focused =D these posts are amazing gifts thank you matejac1 =D

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