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Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:21 pm

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Much is happening, although June is only the month of preparation for the heat we all are going to feel in July and August. Keep what has proven valuable and combine it with the new and exiting that fits in. Sensible rules, boundaries and limitations are being put upon us, or you might be the one that is executing this for someone else. June might feel like you are waiting for something… even though there is so much data flooding our field. If you feel desire for simplicity and to ground yourself it’s a good time to work in your home… Should you feel like taking a nap, do it! There is nothing wrong in your life, everything is just the way it should be. Use some time for daydreaming and creating your new reality, just make sure you use your discernment, this will keep the dreams realistic enough to actually materialize them. On June 21 we have summer solstice (or winter solstice in the southern hemisphere) with the Sun moving in to Cancer and we have a new moon on June 24. This new moon has the power of nurturing a seed, and the dreams are beginning their move towards materialization. Integration is the key word for June.
Enjoy the ride ;)

I’m a Pranic healer, analysing astrology and also working with Tarot and crystals. I'm part of the KATZ coin Team to :P Hope to provide You with the best info from all my worlds!

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