How the solar eclipse August 21st will affect each sign

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Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:46 pm

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The effects of the solar eclipse for the coming 6 months, most affected are Leo and Virgo and Aquarius and Pisces, but also Taurus and Scorpio. Eclipses transform lives through fated events and predestined contracts. Take good care of your health, specially heart and circulatory system. An eclipse triggers often new beginnings through a crisis and it is feelable already days before the event. Wait for few days until after the eclipse to start something new.

Aries: New beginnings in regards to conception of a child, creative projects or your love life.

Taurus: New beginnings through changing property, changes in the family life, can be related to your mother

Gemini: Creating new contacts, learning new skills and new business or some crisis in business and contracts.

Cancer: Powerful changes regarding new sources of income, about financial and material safety and security.

Leo: The eclipse will affect many areas in your life. It will give space for powerful things to enter your life, triggered through some crisis.

Virgo: The effect will touch many areas through cleansing something outdated from your life. You will have to let go of something.

Libra: Possible crisis through friendships, new friends and important people creating wealth in your life. New goals in life.

Scorpio: Powerful new beginnings through a new career and social status. Events related to your father, or authority figures

Sagittarius: Big changes in your belief system, there is a better way to look at life. Residing in foreign countries.

Capricorn: Gain money through other people, your partner can gain more money. Issues of intimacy, crisis can help heal trauma to gain deeper intimacy.

Aquarius: Crisis in personal and business relations ships, meeting a soul mate. Maybe ending a relationship to begin a new one.

Pisces: It can affect your whole life, powerful changes in working position triggered through health problems.

The strongest effects will be where the eclipse is visible, which is the USA. The ancient said that since gods light, represented by the sun, is hidden during the eclipse, don’t watch it. If you want to watch, maybe just take a sneak peak. Becuase during this time the forces of chaos are swirling in over the earth to trigger fated events and crisis.
Enjoy the ride ;)

I’m a Pranic healer, analysing astrology and also working with Tarot and crystals. I'm part of the KATZ coin Team to :P Hope to provide You with the best info from all my worlds!

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Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:20 pm

will be taking a peek if the cloudy skys in Oregon permit me too!

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Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:38 pm

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