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As many of you may have already noticed we have updated the forum with new features. Unlike other forums we run things quite differently here at Cryptoinfo and we are going to be doing some exciting things in the coming year. We are now a CRYPTO CURRENCY forum with a chat and $$MONETIZED$$ social rewards system. Users in the forum all have NFO points with wallets and get the chance to earn MOAR points. Now users who offend you, post bad information, spam, or any other useless trash you don't want to see here can be robbed byYOU! (as well as like always before warned or banned by us)
ROBBERY!! Description
Here you can try to rob another user. But you only can try to rob 10.00 percent of the user’s current cash amount!

Like in real life, crime isn’t really successful. Your chance to be successful with your robbery is 50.00 percent.
If you are not successful, you will loose an additional 50.00 percent of the value you wanted to rob!

Also were excited to announce Limited opening of the 10/1 NFO to INFO COIN Swap!! We will allow swaps again for a limited time so hurry up and get in on the fun! Users on the forum who are also good members at the discord and in the Info Community. Will be able to contact me in private message to arrange the swap. Again you need to be an active member of the discord, and in good standing with the Info Community there to enjoy this perk, and many others such as our scratchy game. You can join the discord by clicking connect on the discord widget at the right of the screen. Find out more about scratchy game here: As always don't forget to buy some tickets for the nextGIVEAWAY!!

DISCORD: Cryptoinfo discord!


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