Convert your INFO (NFO) points to INFO Coins

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Conversion rate : 50 to 1

Minimum conversion : 1000 points


1. Got to NFO Points > Transfer

2. Transfer the amount of coins you want converted to Bittzy78 ( make sure this is correct without any spaces or other characters) along with your INFO wallet address in the memo field.

3. Send Bittzy78 a PM explaining that you have just initiated a points transfer along with the same INFO address you sent on your points transfer memo.

4. Be patient. I work strange hours and need to sleep during the day but I will get to you.

5. Enjoy your INFO coins you just received for doing tasks on this forum and be sure to stake them.

*** Each request will be vetted for authenticity ***

*** Any attempt to game the point system will result in your account being deleted and your points forfeited ***

*** Please play nice ***

Earn INFO (NFO) points by being active on the forum

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