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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 1:26 am
by AuniteGroup
Dear Forum members,

We've recently summarized our Marathon and celebrated 5 years’ anniversary of the corporation.

As a large-scale campaign with a nice prize fund and happy winners, the marathon engrossed the attention of partners, investors and traders. That exactly what determines a positive background for the growth of the token. This campaign started in January with the main prize — Toyota Corolla.

Please check out the fresh review of the token:

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:08 am
by AuniteGroup
This week, our token set two new records at the same time: both in terms growth pace and in terms of daily sales!
On June 26, AUNIT against USD has surged in almost 3.5 times with the number of purchase orders increased by 5 times. Thanks to this fluctuation, the most far-sighted traders could triple their profits!
Such growth boosted trading volume by 20 times. According to CoinMarketCap, this volume was over $ 388000 per day.
The Aunite Group's CEO Yevgeny Shchelkonogov is commenting on the current market situation:
“We've noticed that AUNIT has sharply garnered a lot of interest from both traders and investors. First of all, this is caused by the new edits in our roadmap and the announcement of new ambitious projects of the Corporation.
Of course, the company's stability is playing an important role. The record of most blockchain projects is from several months to 2 years. This makes the Aunite Group, existing since 2014 stand out on this background as a more reliable company.
It is noteworthy that we are receiving an increasing number of queries on our token from foreign traders. They are looking for the most promising assets and willing to invest in them. Such a boost in demand is caused by our expansion in Europe: now we are actively developing our service in Germany and expanding our partner network in other EU countries.”

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:54 am
by AuniteGroup
Fasten your seat belts - Aunit-Rally 2019 is starting soon!

Aunite Group Corporation and BTC Alpha exchange invite you to take part in the new Aunit-Rally 2019 contest. Starting July 15 through September 12, buy AUNIT, hold your position in TOP and win cool prizes!
The more participants join the competition, the better prizes are awarded. You have a chance to win a MacBook Pro, iPhone X, or one of the three iPads Air!
How to take part?
1 Sign up on the BTC Alpha exchange website and verify your personal details.
2 Subscribe to the channel of the Aunite Group on Telegram.
3 Buy from 1000 AUNIT tokens on the BTC Alpha exchange and make sure to keep them on the account until September 12.
In the final part, the leader of the rating, who bought the largest amount of Aunit tokens will be 100% awarded an iPad Air. Owners of another 2 iPads Air and iPhone X will be selected among all contestants on a random basis.
Someone lucky out of the TOP 100 participants who bought the most number of Aunit tokens will be selected as a MacBook Pro owner!
Get ready - we are starting on July 15!

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:51 am
by AuniteGroup
The main news we wrote last week about was the start of the “Aunit Rally 2019”. In accordance with the contest rules, you are to buy from 1000 Aunit tokens on the BTC-Alpha exchange and keep this balance on your account until the end of the competition. The more aggregate number of positions, the better the prizes.

Join now:

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:12 am
by AuniteGroup
Aunit-Rally is heating up!

Recently, BTC-Alpha exchange has recorded a several-fold increase in the volume of positions with Aunit, which made almost 6 mln tokens. If the Rally’s participants keep up with the same pace, in just 10 days the 75 mln bar will be taken with iPhone X available as a prize!

You have a chance to join the prize race as well — just make sure to take three simple steps for that:
1. Sign up on BTC-Alpha exchange and verify your personal data:
2. Subscribe for the “Aunite Group” channel on Telegram:
3. Buy from 1000 AUNIT tokens on BTC-Alpha exchange and keep this amount until the end of the contest.

Join the race and try a chance to win Pad, iPhone X, and Macbook Pro!

Best regards,
Aunite Group team.

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:52 am
by AuniteGroup
Dear Forum Members!

Visit our website in order to receive the most up-to-date information about the Aunite Group.

Let us also remind you about our official social media channels where, you may not only read the most recent news but also communicate with associates, ask questions, find out more information about our events!