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Visit the world of PrimeStone possibilities.

PrimeStone is a multifunctional and well-protected cryptocurrency that focuses on the needs of diverse global users. Furthermore, PrimeStone guarantees quick and smooth transactions. For the currency creation X11 algorithm is used and it enables mining of 60,000,000 coins. Furthermore, PrimeStone Coins can be mined on GPU, CPU or other devices. The trading system has adopted the hardware-accelerated and highly efficient memory matching technology whose order-making peak value is 2 million+/second, and order-processing peak value is 1 million+/second. These statistics are hundreds times, even thousands of times of the normal industry standard. Therefore it can guarantee no delay or lag throughout the whole core order process when the market booms. What is more, PrimeStone has taken the challenge of minimizing the cost of money transfers. So, it can safely be assured that PrimeStone ensures a low fee level.

Name: PrimeStone
Symbol: PSC
Total Coin Supply: 60,000,000 PSC
Block time: 90 seconds
Min Transaction Fee: 0.00001 PSC
Mining Algorithm: X11

Since 08 August 2018 PrimeStone on BiteBTC :D ;) :)

Dedicated to resolve customers' needs without any delay, PrimeStone offers 2 customer services through various channels, including webpage, communicators and e-mail - 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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PrimeStone is the team of experienced, energetic as well as committed specialists and enthusiasts, who closely watch and examine cryptocurrency markets. We undertake this complex project that is supposed to constitute a major breakthrough in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. PrimeStone creates innovative solutions enabling everyone to enter the world of virtual money and, in the nearest future, generate your own cryptocurrency as well as ICO :)

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