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Airdrop !! Airdrop!! Airdrop !! with Distribution.

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:38 am
by russel123456
You are all welcome to Aus Digital Community.
What is AUS Digital Dollar?
AUS Digital Dollar It’s Safe, Easy and Faster to Send Money and Receive All Around the World. AUS digital Bank and AUS Digital Money Transfer Allow to use AUS Digital Dollar (AUDD) BY Send and Receive Money. Also, In the Future You Can Use Online Shopping, Pay Your Bill. AUS Digital Dollar Will Bring More and More to The Future.
For more information about our products and project visit our website
it's AUS Digital Dollar (AUDD) Token .
Please Participate on AUSDD airdrop-1 program.
MAKE USE OF TRXADDRESS. If you don’t any TRX wallet, we would help you to get the wallet.
Join our telegram group at to get 1100 AUDD token ($60) at AIRDROP1.