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Initial Coin Give(ICG) enable the contribution mode

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:50 am
by cryptomaster99
Initial Coin Give(ICG) enable the contribution mode and let your friends to receive more faucets!
Thanks to all the supporters for their constant attention. Due to the recent success of the Singapore Asian Summit, the latest financial management method “ICG Event” has received huge responses from the market. In order to further stimulate market enthusiasm, the Singapore Foundation decided to cancel the Burn mechanism by sharing invitations. And if one of the players invited by the user makes a snap, it will increase the probability of winning the purchase. (For example, if the user invests 10 lots and shares another two to buy, then the system determines that the number of shares purchased is 12 lots)

In addition, the contribution of sharing invitations can be increased to twice the amount of user input (For example, a user with investment in 10 lots, by adding 15 friends to increase the winning chance, the system determines the maximum amount of 10 lots, 2 times equals 20 lots).

Finally, we sincerely bless to all supporters in the Bigbang Games ecology.

Rule execution time: June 6, 2019 16:05 GMT+8

Best Wishes: BBGC TEAM
Announcement, June 6, 2019, 13:00, GMT +8

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