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Domestic Violence is a global issue in the modern world. In addition to physical violence, psychological violence (something that has been harder to measure but is a common element of relationship abuse) exists all over the world. Though men can also experience domestic abuse, women are six times more likely to be victimized. Evidence demonstrates clearly, those that are actively fighting domestic violence and supporting victims need more help.



Cryptocurrency investments have taken the world by storm. Investment in digital assets provide a novel way to address systemic problems in the world. The Empower Network is seeking to leverage the growing interest in cryptocurrency to provide a financial vehicle for those investing in cryptocurrencies that incorporates a built in system to benefit organizations that support the victims of domestic violence. In other words, investing in, holding, and staking Mpwr benefits both the investor and the world at the same time.


What is the MPWR crypto-currency? Mpwr is the crypto-currency or coin issued by the Empower Network. We believe MPWR is one of the most rewarding investments anyone can make. It is a true win/win. The investor reaps rewards, and also supports a coin that helps make the world a better place in a unique way that very few other crypto-currency projects, if any, do.

Mpwr's goal is to reach out to those who are victims and still suffering from Domestic Violence and offer them a way to get help. Nobody should or will be left behind. In the coming months, Mpwr will be expanding our Network in the Domestic Violence community, reaching out to shelters, abuse alternatives and advocate groups.

## Empower Specifications
#### Blockchain Info:

* Block Time: 120 seconds
* Block size: 2 MB
* Consensus: Proof of Stake
* POS Reward: 10% Annually
* Decreasing annually by 1% for 5 years (after 5 years onwards 5% reward yearly)
* Coin Maturity: 225 Blocks
* Max Coin Supply: 50,000,000 MPWR
* Premine Coin Supply: 5,000,000 MPWR (10% Max Supply)
* Atomic Swaps: Supported with compatible blockchains

**Network Info**
*P2P Ports
* Main : 39417
*Testnet :49417
* Regtest :59417
*RPC Ports:
*Main : 39418
*Testnet : 49418
*Regtest : 59418

Windows Wallet
https://github.com/empower-network/empo ... wer-qt.exe

Mac Wallet
https://github.com/empower-network/empo ... etwork.dmg

Linux Wallet
https://github.com/empower-network/empo ... -Linux.zip

Source: https://github.com/empower-network/empower/releases

Explorer: http://empower.infoxplorers.com/

Exchange- https://www.unnamed.exchange/

Website - https://www.empowernetwork.cc

Social Media:
https://www.facebook.com/Empower-Networ ... 327773459/
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqHiHX ... subscriber

Empower Network is a rebrand from TTPC , There was a swap 1:1 , The swap is officially over. Empower will be listed soon , I will update the Ann as soon as we are listed and have more updates !

We are asking for Votes to get listed on Satoexchange . https://www.satoexchange.com/coin-voting/

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