Celebrating SEAL LBank Listing with Bounty Reward Event ➤➤➤

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Last day of the event! Join our community now and receive you reward!

Celebrate SealChain New Listing on LBank!!!
Free Bounty Reward Event for All Subscribers!

From 2019.07.25 to 2019.07.31,to celebrate SealChain new listing on LBank free bounty reward event is offered for all subscribers and community members!!!
Go follow our Telegram, and win free Seal tokens!!!

【Seal Financial Public Chain 】
Sealchain is a financial public chain created by our elite Wall Street team, specifically designed to facilitate the circulation of blockchain. Sealchain aims to use blockchain technology to create the fundamental payment layer, transforming real-world financial assets into blockchain assets, and reshape the global financial payment system. Investors are able to purchase blockchain assets with stablecoin and use SEAL coin as Gas fee, achieving the free flow of assets throughout the SEAL ecosystem, and eventually realize Wall Street on the chain.
More information:sealchain.io

【Seal Ecological Blueprint】
SealChain will realize Wall Street on the chain by 3 big steps:
Phase 1: Using blockchain technology to create the fundamental payment layer and reshape the global financial payment system
Phase 2: Building a blockchain asset transfer application layer with the fundamental payment system as the fulcrum
Phase 3: Create the next generation of machine finance by integrating artificial intelligence, and eventually realize Wall Street on the chain

【Free Bounty Event】
Follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and join our Telegram group, send a unique greeting in the group, and provide your SEAL deposit address by completing our application form (https://forms.gle/VoHFVi2jn8PwV3Hp7)
1. Bounty Reward: Each person is eligible to collect reward once, by following SealChain social media accounts and sending a unique greeting in“SealChain Official | EN”Telegram group (https://t.me/SealchainOfficial). First 300 participants to submit the application form will receive 3 SEAL tokens. Currently priced at 0.268USDT/SEAL.
2. Event Duration: 7 days starting from July 25 – 31, 2019
3. Reward Distribution: Participants must make sure to provide their ERC-20 wallet address in order to receive the reward. (imToken wallet is preferred). Rewards will be distributed to the participants 10 days after the completion of the bounty reward event.
4. Additional Rules: Only the first 300 participants are eligible for the rewards. First come and first serve, so join the event and refer your friends.
5. Disclaimed: The event holder reserves the right to withhold reward if any malicious activities are detected.
6. Application Form:https://forms.gle/VoHFVi2jn8PwV3Hp7

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