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Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:10 am

Greetings CryptoInfo community!

Eticket4 is announcing Pre-TGE (Token Generation Event) which will start on January 30th, 2018. We seek to become the most secure blockchain-based P2P event ticket distribution and exchange platform with powerful analytical tools and an automated flexible loyalty program. ET4 tokens will be used to incentivize entities involved in event ticketing. Eticket4 stands out as a successful business operating since 2015, backed with real liquidity with experience of scaling to foreign markets.

Unlike many other blockchain-based projects, ET4 does not need to wait for 100% availability of all products to increase the value of the tokens: our existing Eticket4 ticketing platform with an annual turnover of $2 million already provides tokens with real rather than speculative liquidity. The company demonstrates an average monthly growth rate of 2-3%. The Eticket4 project has already gained experience in entering international markets and has contributed to the development of “ticket tourism” during the Confederations Cup. The next large-scale international project will be the upcoming World Championship 2018. In the run-up to the Championship, Eticket4 together with its partners will prepare additional services and offers loyalty discounts for tickets to up to 30%.


Take advantage of all the platform’s features: the token holder can act as a platform participant, e.g. the event organizer, the ticket broker or the ticket buyer. Public token sale is carried out in 3 stages: private offer (30.01.2018), Presale (30.01.2018 - 21.02.2018) and TGE (27.02.2018 - 23.03.2018). The private offer (a preliminary behind-the-doors sale) will be held for the pioneers of the crypto community, representatives of the ticketing and event industries. Those will become the first customers of the ecosystem and receive a bonus of 40%.

1) Receive cashback in ET4 tokens for every successfully used ticket: 20% for an ordinary ticket and 30% for big event ticket.
2) Pay for the sports tickets with ET4 tokens and get a chance to win tokens for successful match results prediction.
3) Get rewarded for social media shares and reviews of the events and venues.
4) Enjoy best offers: the platform fee is reduced to 2% when paying in ET4 tokens!

1) Issue tickets through Eticket4 smart-contracts and regulate the secondary ticketing: set the maximum price and additional fees!
2) Stimulate social media activity: you can reward your customers for posting and sharing information about the event.
3) Receive ET4 tokens as payment and exchange it at any time for fiat money by selling ET4 on crypto exchange or on the internal Eticket4 exchange.

1) Gain access to advanced analytical tools and ticket price forecasting features with a balance of more than 1,000 tokens. Get updates from organizers on ticket availability.
2) When buyers use ET4 tokens to pay for the tickets, the Eticket4 platform requires 2% fee instead of 30%.
3) Execute forward contracts: ticket brokers aiming at B2B market can make use of the Eticket4 B2B blockchain exchange for profitable wholesale deals.


Private Offer (Jan. 30 - Jan. 31)
40% (50,000 ET4+)

Volume-based (Presale, Jan. 30 - Feb. 21)
10% (1,000 - 2,000 ET4), 15% (5,001 - 10,000 ET4), 20% (10,001 - 15,000 ET4), 25% (15,001 - 20,000 ET4), 30% (20,001 ET4+)

Time-based (Presale, Jan. 30 - Feb. 21)
15% (5 Days), 12% (6 - 10 Days), 10% (11- 20 Days), 8% (21 Days+)

Volume-based (Sale, Feb. 27 - Mar. 23)
5% (1,000 - 2,000 ET4), 10% (5,001 - 10,000 ET4), 15% (10,001 - 15,000 ET4), 20% (15,001 - 20,000 ET4), 25% (20,001+ ET4)

Time-based (Sale, Feb. 27 - Mar. 23)
6% (5 Days), 4% (6 - 10 Days), 3% (11- 20 Days), 1% (21 Days +)


While I would be happy to watch this thread and answer your questions, it would be great if you could join the telegram group as well.
Telegram: @Eticket4_ICO
Twitter: Eticket4_ICO.


Token Standard: ERC-20
Max Supply: 30,000,000 ET4
Presale Hard Cap: 800 ETH
Token Generation Event Hard Cap: 13000 ETH
Soft Cap: 100 ETH
Initial price: 0.001 ETH


Github / Code


TheMerkle (EN)
Coinspot (RU)
Telegra.ph (RU)
Forbes Article #1 (Russian)
Forbes Article #2 (Russian)


Digrate Review (EN)
Digrate Review (RU)
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Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:06 am

Whatching it. Any bounties?

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:25 am

cryptodemon66, sure, please contact me via Private messages or in telegram: https://t.me/Eticket4_ICO.

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:25 am

The open source code is now available on Github (check the link in the first post). Also we have added links to publications. Join the whitelist and receive bonus tokens!

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Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:26 am

Dear crypto-ladies and crypto-gents, please have a look at the Google Sheets document where we have listed every aspect where we do need your assistance. You can leave comments in the document or just write here in the thread or to our Telegam group.

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Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:59 am

The token pre-sale starts tomorrow, January 30th at 8 AM GMT.
Join the whitelist (700+ applicants already): https://goo.gl/forms/hDeu07JaCOCVGJc13
Welcome to the telegram chat: https://t.me/eticket4_ICO

New publications:

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:07 am


The Private sale has officially started! All of the early applicants received their private offers with the 40% bonus. More than 700 people in the whitelist, do not miss the train and join to participate in the pre-sale. There is a telegram group for discussion: Eticket4_ICO.

New press-release is out: NewsBTC (January 30th, ENG)

Bounty campaign is live, French and Japanese translations are reserved. 900.000 ET4 are assigned for bounty (link: ET4 Bounty Campaign), feel free to contact our bounty manager.

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Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:49 am


ETicket4 raised about $400 000 during the successful two-day ET4 tokens private sale. Today, February 1st, the company announces the start of the public pre-ICO.
Read more - Bitcoinist.

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