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Sat May 12, 2018 9:19 pm

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Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:27 am

Nmd discord server update

1. nmd server now has a rain and tip bot. this bot also auto stakes coins in your wallet.
2. nmd server training steps are under construction.
3. new exchange will be soon when the new exchange launches. Be ready for - " MecXchange "
4. cleaning out server user's, team, and rooms, roles,
5. adding new features and activities to server.

Updates on wallet and website.

website - we are getting close to wrapping up the site design and will be ready to launch it soon.

wallet updates - we are extending the release update date.

Here is why...

We are getting things ready to implement an auto-updater/management software what it is is a singular .exe (cross compatible to Linux and Mac) that manages your wallet, data folder/files, and keeps things up to date.

what does this mean - what it does is check an official coin network server and ask it what the latest version of the coin was
if it was current it would just have the ability to launch the wallet or manage its files and data directory
also the ability to download and inject a snapshot, so no need to long sync times, done for you
in other words an intuitive system that removes the need for user intervention.

when updating the coin it just gets pushed through the updater.

allowing users to update simply by a click of a button upon being notified automatically through the wallet or the launcher.

Stay tuned for news on this and more.. Thanks for the constant support everyone.
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Nomad coin website -
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