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Patner With Grab, GOCAR, And UBER

Support Multi-Platform Blockchain And Support Pay With ETHEREUM , IGNIS, STELLAR LUMENS, more Come
15th February - 15th April 2018
  • Round #1 open 4days, get 20% BONUS
  • Round #2 open 5days, get 18% BONUS
  • Round #3 open 6days, get 15% BONUS
  • Round #4 open 7days, get 10% BONUS
  • Round #5 open 10days, get 7% BONUS
  • Round #6 open 13days, get 5% BONUS
  • Round #7 open 15days, get 0% BONUS
Technical Total FRAS Coin : FIXED 100,000,000FRAS
Total CAR Coin : UNLIMITED given free, auto replenish timely to all eligible FRAS Coin holder,
whom store FRAS only in wallet (Exchange Market are NOT included).
Upon usage, CAR COIN will be burned.
FRAS COIN total supply in circulation will always be 100,000,000FRAS, blockchain migration are handled by FRAS's Child-Project CoinRupiah.com
CoinRupiah.com will becoming Stellar ANCHOR+GATEWAY by releasing fiat asset IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), and support Auto local bank transfer.

FRAS COIN is release on the top of existing blockchain platform, therefore ALL existing wallet already supported FRAS COIN
ARDOR NRS : - Web, Linux, Windows, Mac http://bit.ly/2q99bo2
Stellar Wallet : Stargazer - Android, Linux, Windows, Mac http://bit.ly/2C4fP0C
Stellar Wallet : SAZA - Web Wallet http://bit.ly/2Evh4HB
Stellar Wallet : Black Wallet - Web Wallet http://bit.ly/2CmP0sM
Stellar Wallet : Stronghold - Web Wallet http://bit.ly/2CyM7Sw
Stellar Wallet : Centaurus - Android http://bit.ly/2lBatmh
Stellar Wallet : Stellar Desktop Client - Linux, Windows, Mac http://bit.ly/2luSJtJ
Ethereum Wallet: MyEther Wallet - Web http://bit.ly/1pmsHZ7
Ethereum Wallet: MetaMask - Firefox, Chrome addon http://bit.ly/2DIukHT
Ethereum Wallet: Mist - Linux, Windows, Mac http://bit.ly/1njlg3o
Ethereum Wallet: imToken - Android, iOS http://bit.ly/2Cyma5n

Note= @NEAR FUTURE, will release Remittance-Wallet-BitXplor (ChildProject of FRAS COIN, backed by CREDIT UNION, it can legally receive bank deposit+interest)

★ Supported Exchange Market
Existing market is using integrated market already built-in by the supported blockchain platform
ARDOR NRS : - Web, Linux, Windows, Mac http://bit.ly/2q99bo2
Stellar Decentralize Exchange: Stellarterm - Web http://bit.ly/2DJ2Qli

More Information please visit http://bit.ly/2EZ1QdB

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