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This is probably the world's most easy and intuitive CPU miner created by Sumo dev team. The miner is mainly for those who want to start mining (SUMO), yet you can freely use it to mine any cryptonote-based cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR), Aeon (AEON), Boolberry (BBR), DigitalNote (XDN) etc by just adding new pools.

The miner includes almost all features you may dream about for a mining software like changing number of threads (i.e. CPU cores used), CPU priority, pool info/config on the fly. It can save status and restart from the point you left when quitting and not to mention nice real-time graphs incorporated into an extremely intuitive GUI.


- Windows 7/8/10 (x64):

Download SumoCoin miner


1. Why did your team create a miner while there are many others already out there?

- Sumo Easy Miner is created for everyday people who want to start mining Sumokoin (SUMO) and other cryptonote-based cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR), Aeon (AEON), Boolberry (BBR), DigitalNote (XDN) etc. without any hassle. The team found a number of GUI miners out there but all of them are either not user-friendly enough or not open enough in our opinion.

2. How good the miner in comparison to popular command-line CPU miners?

- In hashing speed, it's comparable to the famous Cpuminer client but slower than Stak (xmr-stak-cpu). However, Sumo Easy Miner can hardly freeze or crash your computer if you don't try to overuse it. We can say that it's very stable though only a beta software.

3. What is the best setup to fully utilize the miner?

- Because you can change number of mining threads and CPU priority on the fly, you can easily find the best setup for your own machine. Sometimes, selecting all cores for mining may not result in the best performance especially when CPU HyperThreading is enabled. If you want to use computer for other jobs along with mining, "Idle" priority would be your best friend.

4. Does the miner work with GPU?

- No. It's a pure CPU miner. We think that GPUs require advanced programming and are too diversified to support properly in a simple, easy-to-use GUI software so no plans for supporting them (yet)

5. How can I remove default Sumokoin pool?

- Default pool is not removable, yet you can always hide it like any other pool.

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