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JCE Cryptonote CPU+GPU Miner

Welcome to the Fastest Cryptonote CPU Miner ever! Now with GPU!

You can download it from the GitHub page or directly here:
Download JCE_Miner

Recent history

0.31c GPU
New parameter --doublecheck to use CPU to re-check shares
Pause per GPU
GPU detection blind fixes
Little optimization Heavy/Haven ~1% depends on the card
ETN back to CN-Classic

0.31a CPU
Backported GPU netcode
Bittube-v4 (with better perf than any other cpu miner)
Now max is 256 cpu/gpu threads
new coin PrivatePay
case insensitive commands (pressing h or H for hashrate will both work now)
Sumokoin back to CN-classic

0.30c GPU+CPU
Rewritten Nicehash netcode
Increased maximum threads from 64 to 256
Found share now logs the GPU and the Lane and the Thread

0.30b GPU+CPU
Rewritten Nicehash netcode
Increased maximum threads from 64 to 256
Found share now logs the GPU and the Lane and the Thread

0.30a GPU+CPU
ARQ coin added
Light perf increase ~0.8% depending on the GPU
Per-GPU hashrate
Detection of Stale shares
Fixed path problem, you can run JCE from any directory
Added per-gpu stats in the JSON
Fixed bad message in case of invalid configuration

Fork status:
XTL fork supported, now enabled by default
MKT for support enabled by default
ETN forked to a slightly modified CN-v7, supported and enabled by default on 0.29b and later
ITA defaults to CN-Heavy starting from 0.29b
Elya defaults to CN-v7
Niobio and Bixbite defaults to CN-Heavy
MSR fork supported, enabled by default
Haven fork supported, enabled by default

Is that a Virus? No!

Like all miners, JCE gets detected as a virus by most Antiviruses, including Windows Defender. But it's not. Read more about Privacy and Security below.

Is it just yet-another fork of a common miner? No!

You're not losing your time testing a made-up rip of a common miner, JCE is brand new, using 100% new code.

Are the new Monero-V7, Cryptolight-V7, Cryptonight-Heavy, IPBC, Alloy, MKT, Fast/Masari, Haven and XTL forks supported? Yes!

The --variation parameter let you choose the fork. More details below.


In short, JCE is:

Crazy fast on non-AES 64-bits, usually 35-40% faster than other miners
Compared to other 32-bits miners, still faster on non-AES 32-bits, sometimes beating even the other miners 64-bits versions
And still faster on non-AES 32-bits Cryptonight-Heavy, with usually +50% speed.
Barely faster than the other best on AES 64-bits, beating them by ~1%, +2.8% on V7 fork, +4% on Cryptonight-Heavy
Also a lot faster on AES 32-bits, but it's a rare case (mostly seen on Intel Atom tablets)

Here's a benchmark against three other common miners.
The test is fair: run on the exact same Win10 Pro computer, all Huge Pages enabled, no background task, best configuration.

XMRStak means: the released Unified binary from github (not recompiled myself)
XMRig means: the respective best released binary gcc (32-bits) and msvc (64-bits) from github (not recompiled myself)
Claymore means: best Claymore CPU (3.4 for 32-bits, 3.9 for 64-bits)
When not supported, score is zero, if not tested yet, score is ?
Fees are included in the score


jce_cn_cpu_miner64 --auto --any --forever --variation FORK --low -o POOL:pORT -u WALLET -p PASSWORD --mport MONITOR SSL

And replace:

FORK by the Fork number, see list below, or set 0 for automatic
POOL:pORT by the pool address (name or IP):(port), e.g. pool.minexmr.com:4444
WALLET by the miner wallet
PASSWORD by the miner password
MONITOR by the local HTTP monitor server port
SSL by either nothing, or "--ssl" if SSL is to be used

Getting started

If you're new at mining Cryptonight, here's the simplest way:
Choose the coin to mine, see the list below. The most common is Monero.
Get a wallet, that's a ~95 character long identifier. If you don't have one yet, you can create it ...
Choose a pool to mine on, and its port. For example Pool pool.minexmr.com and port 4444
Edit the start.bat that's shipped in the .zip
* Change the example POOL by yours
* Change the example PORT by yours
* Change the example WALLET by yours
* You can leave the default password x
(Optional) If your coin is exotic, maybe you also need to change FORK=0 to another number. See the list in the start.bat
Run start.bat

Basic topics

Q. Is it free (as in beer, as in freedom)?
No and no. It has fees, and is not open source. But the program itself is free to distribute.

Q. How much cost the fees?
Current fees are:

3.0% when using at least one mining thread with non-AES architecture, or 32-bits
1.5% when using only 64-bits AES architecture

The fees are twice higher in non-AES mode and/or 32-bits because JCE offers a huge performance gain here.

Q. Can I avoid fees?
Not really. I plan to offer a paying per-licence-no-fee (pay-once-for-all) version, but it's a lot more complicated to set up than a fee-based miner.
Also, JCE never takes any fee during the first minute, so if you run it, and kill it after one minute, and repeat again and again, then you'll never pay any fee, but JCE takes a few seconds to start, and your Pool probably won't let your reconnect continuously.

Q. Will it work on my computer?
Minimum is Windows Vista 32-bits, or Linux, with a SSE2 capable CPU. 64-bits is faster, prefer it.
For best performance, Large Pages must be enabled, JCE will try to auto-configure them, but it may work or not depending on your Windows version and security configuration.

Q. What currency can I mine? On which pools?
You can mine any coin on any pool.
If your coin is listed, all is automatic.
Run the miner with --coins parameter to get the up-to-date list. Current list is:

Monero (XMR)
Monero-V (XMV)
Electroneum (ETN)
Karbowanec (KRB)
Bytecoin (BCN)
Sumokoin (SUMO)
Bitcoal (COAL)
Bitcedi (BXC)
Dinastycoin (DCY)
Leviarcoin (XLC)
Fonero (FNO)
Turtlecoin (TRTL)
Graft (GRFT)
Dero (DERO)
Stellite (XTL)
UltraNote (XUN)
Intense (INTS)
Crepcoin (CREP)
Pluracoin (PLURA)
Haven (XHV)
FreelaBit (FBF)
BlueberriesCoin (BBC)
B2BCoin (B2B)
Bitsum (BSM)
Masari (MSR)
SuperiorCoin (SUP)
EDollar (EDL)
Interplanetary Broadcast (IPBC)
Alloy (XAO)
BitcoiNote (BTCN)
Elya (ELYA)
Iridium (IRD)
Italo (ITA)
Lines (LNS)
Niobio (NBR)
Ombre (OMB)
Solace (SOL)
Triton (TRIT)
Truckcoin (TRKC)
Qwertycoin (QWC)
Loki (LOK)
Gadcoin (GAD)
MarketCash (MKT)
ArtoCash (RTO)
Bloc (BLOC)
Wownero (WOW)
PrivatePay (XPP)
Nicehash Cryptonight v7
Minergate Cryptonight v7
MiningPoolHub Cryptonight v7
MiningRigRentals Cryptonight v7
Suprnova Cryptonight v7

Otherwise, if your coin is not listed, or your wallet not recognized, use the --any parameter, plus the --variation N parameter, with N the fork number, see list below. The fork detection is automatic on known coins, but manual on unknown coins. The coin list is periodically updated.

Q. Is Nicehash supported?
Yes, see list above. The Nicehash-specific Nonce is then automatically enabled.

Q. Is SSL supported?
Yes, with parameter --ssl

Q. I get only bad shares, what happens?
Your coin has probably forked. Add --variation N parameter, with N as listed below, until you find the one that works.

Q. What if my wallet is not recognized, or as a different coin?
Some coins use a wallet syntax so close that they're hard to differenciate, like Lines and Loki. If JCE fails to detect the coin, force it with --any --variation N (with N as listed below) and let the miner run. It will still display the wrong coin but mine the good one. And of course proof-check pool side that you correctly get the shares.

Q. Is there a HTTP server to monitor the miner?
Modern pools provide all you need to monitor your miners (average hashrate, worker-id...). Monitoring is now a pool's job. Still, a minimal HTTP Json server is available with parameter --mport P (P the port number) to ease integration of JCE into mining tools, but not intended for human reading. Forager was the first tool to integrate JCE, take a look!
For more compatibility, with extra parameter --stakjson, the JSON will be in XMR-Stak format.

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