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John Bond
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Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:59 pm

AtomWorks gives only the HEX code for a series of values and does not actually give individual values. It is useful in helping to figure out the timings but it takes a lot of work to actually figure out what those values really are.

For example:
-Looking at the Linux stuff available online and you can find references to things like MC_SEQ_CAS_TIMINGS. Under that section there are a number of values/timings (6 values I think).

-Within Atomworks it gives a Timing like 1250 and then gives the option to change MC_SEQ_CAS_TIMINGS but does not give the actual 6 timings individually . It would give a string of HEX values that have the 6 values included but you would still need to know the 6 timings.

-It gives something like this:
MC_SEQ_CAS_TIMINGS at 1250 MHz Ox456534232424 (those aren’t real values)

As you can see it can be helpful but not without knowing what the info means. Atomworks is an AMD Program and it updates through servers at AMD - unfortunately those servers are not the same as they were and it does not update. Also it is an old copy and does not include any new GPU’s like 390,380,480 etc.

Having said that it is useful for locating things like Timings and I2C info. I have actually figured out the individual timings on the straps and I am currently working on custom timings. I am sure others have the info but not many, unless they work for AMD or are The Stilt. I may be interested in doing some custom timings for farms but haven’t decided.

Just food for thought…

THANKS TO OhGodAGirl and Wolf0 for these items to help EASILY decode and modify straps:

You can download OhGodATool here:
Download OhGodaTool.rar

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