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AMD Software for Miners
In the release notes for its video card software, it is explained that the driver improvements allow solving the efficiency problems that arise when using graphics processors for crypto currency mining.

AMD has previously developed drivers that improved the performance of the graphics processor in the mining of crypto currency.

Software Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute software was first released in August last year.

This software was released in the form in which it is and no corrections are foreseen. This means that AMD is not yet considering regular fixes for video card problems when using them for mining.

According to the note from the company, the drivers are unique in that they "are not designed for graphics or gaming loads."

It is worth noting that this step is the last effort of graphics processors manufacturers, whose products are in demand by the miners.

AMD, in particular, noted in its last application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that the decline in the crypto-currency market could damage the company's business, as the miners will buy fewer GPUs.


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