Eminent Security Features On LocalBitcoins Exchange

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Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:02 am

LocalBitcoins is the most popular P2P Crypto exchange by people all over the globe because of its safe platform that it offers for its traders.
Thus, LocalBitcoins is 100% safe to trade Bitcoins.

I want to discuss the Enhanced Features of LocalBitcoins

1.Escrow Feature :
LocalBitcoins is a p2p crypto exchange that involves Escrow enabling to safeguard your Bitcoins in case of scam users.

2. Multi-Signature Wallet
Escrow admins lock the bitcoins until the seller confirms that the transaction is authentic and complete.

3. Two-factor authentication :
A user can download QR code and google authenticator. Once the two accounts are synced, the 2fa is activated. You are free to trade.

4. Login guard :
If any new IP for your logins in exchange it secures your account by enabling Mail Confirmations to proceed further tradings from a new device.

There are various Enhanced Features available for the Traders on LocalBitcoins exchange, having an idea of knowing more about Crypto Exchanges like LocalBitcoins ping us at http://bit.ly/2BhEZd5

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:24 pm

Localbitcoins platform is a popular peer to peer cryptocurrency trading platform.It allows users to trade the cryptocurrencies with the other users. In the trading process, the transactions between buyer and seller are very faster and highly secure.

Eminent Features Of Localbitcoins Exchange

Below are the eminent security features are available on the localbitcoins platform,

Escrow wallet

The traded bitcoins are held on the escrow service. Only when the seller confirms the trade, escrow releases the bitcoins and the trade is been completed.

Two-factor Authentication

For a high secure trading, this platform offers the two factor authentication for the buyer and seller to avoid the hacking.

Login guard

Enables to verify the user whenever they attempt to login from the same browser. If the login is from different browser, email verification is required.

Dispute Resolution

If any issues on the transaction occur between the buyer and seller, the dispute resolution is taken by the admin.

Reputation system

Based on the past activities or feedback of the user, the localbitcoins exchange give a reputation rank. This reputation rank to user can easily choose the trader for trading.

If you are eager to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins ?

If you are intrested to launch a cryptocurrency exchange website like localbitcoins. Many Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company available on the online. Companies like BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers best Localbitcoins Clone Script with many features to Launch your crypto exchange platform like localbitcoins.

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