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Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:34 am -algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies and even Gigahashes. The service provides an opportunity for development, testing (backtesting) and automation of trading algorithms in the cloud platform. A simple but powerful API for robot development is available.

Why is it necessary?
The cryptocurrency market is characterized by high volatility, which allows you to make good money on the exchange rate of crypto-currencies, with the right trading strategy. And in case of a sharp collapse of the exchange rate, as it happened in April 2013 with the bitcoin exchange rate, will save your savings. Automatic trading system,in addition to all other benefits, gives you something that not enough many traders is discipline.

Who needs it?
The service will be of interest to both traders developing their trading systems, and beginners in trading, because to use the features of automatic trading is not required to have the technical knowledge or install any SOFTWARE.

Supported platforms and tools
- Bitstamp BTC/USD

- Convenient and simple environment to run trading robots in a reliable cloud hosting, completely isolated from the web.
- Support for more than 130 trading indicators. Full list here
- A large number of trading algorithms created using Cryptotrader API
- Open source Oh?

In order to run the algorithm in the automatic trading mode, it is necessary to:
Download DEMO Bot
1. Register on the site and pay for a subscription at any rate

2. Choose a trading strategy. You can use one of the ready-made algorithms, or develop your own algorithm, with basic programming knowledge. On the home page, under the Featured tab are some time-tested algorithms such as EMA, MACD, Ichimoku

3. Test the selected algorithm on historical data for a specific platform. Do not neglect this important step in testing any system. To do this, on the page with the source code of the algorithm, set the parameters for the test: a tool(for example, BTC/USD), a trading interval (with what frequency the algorithm will receive market data), a time period. After all the necessary settings, you must click Backtest to start testing. Before starting, you can specify parameters such as the initial Deposit and the exchange Commission. After the end of the test, the Log window will contain the results of the tests - the initial balance and the final results in monetary terms.

4. Now, if the test results are satisfied, by clicking Trade you can run the algorithm in real trading (automated trading) or simulation (simulated trading). For the simulation mode, it is enough to specify the initial balance and after the launch, the algorithm will process the market data and report the trading results by email, as well as display the transaction log. For real trading mode, you must specify the API keys of the exchange on which you are trading, available in the control panel.

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