Claymore's Dual ETH + DCR/SC/LBC/PASC/ GPU Miner NoDevFee v10.3

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I think we all know that we are currently using Claymore Miner ETH mining, the developer will charge 1% to 2% of the cost as a software fee.
I personally think that this is reasonable, but in this highly competitive battlefield I would like to play all the resources.
So that their own income to the highest. Want to achieve the highest benefits, nothing more than choose a good pool, brush the graphics card BIOS to enhance the graphics card's own power.
But brush the BIOS is very difficult to write the road, followed by brush BIOS need to have a certain computer foundation, I think most of the pursuit of perfect computing power of friends and I have deep experience, this road is difficult.
At the same time have to bear the failure to lead to graphics card damage caused by the risk. The The The The The

Today, for those who desire to have the highest computing power of friends, brought this effective software to enhance the power:
Claymore's Dual ETH + DCR / SC / LBC / PASC GPU Miner Cost break.
When we use Claymore Miner for ETH mining, developers will charge a fee of 1% to 2% for software usage.
Equal to 36 seconds to 72 seconds per hour is the cost of the developer.
The function of this software is to charge the Claymore Miner developer, redirect it back to your wallet, and display your miner's name in your mine pool, thus increasing the maximum power.

Where to download?



how to use?
1) Download
Claymore's Ethereum Mining NoDevFee
2) Right-click NoDevFee.exe-> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Run as administrator -> Save
3) Open NoDevFee.bat and change your wallet to your wallet address -> double-click to run NoDevFee.bat
4) Open Claymore Miner for mining.

It is perfect to test it through
(Originally my power is 176Mh / s, the use of this software after my arithmetic reached 185Mh / s),
You can use other mines to test and use, and can tell us these results here.

Example v8.5 Version:
Start NoDevFee.exe 0xYourWallet
start NoDevFee.exe 0xc8760BFF00B85b344772396AF685eAe1439C78Fe

This procedure to fill the eth wallet address and your mining procedures to fill the eth wallet address in order to be able to redirect success.

First charge the developer fee to send the fortune to your wallet address (15 minutes after the start of the program)
The second real charge of the developer fee to send your fortune to your wallet address (1 hour after the start)
The third charge of the developer fee to send your fortune to your wallet address (2 hours after the start of the program)
Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and all the next devfee send shares to your wallet.

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