GraphenTech welcomes you to the age of graphene BOUNTY REWARD

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GraphenTech is founded by an HP experienced engineering manager who is also a co-founder of an electrical-car production firm. The company envisions to provide graphene material worldwide and will monetize its products through the cryptocurrency 77G.
GraphenTech brought to you a user friendly and interesting idea to you. To learn more Please, click here and read the whole article carefully.

1% of Token Sale Soft Cap is being allocated to the bounty (37,000,000 77G, equivalent of 780 Eth)
The tokens will be distributed across 8 campaigns:
Bitcointalk signature and reply campaign – 10% (3,700,000 77G)
Contributed Content, Blogs and media publications – 20% (7,400,000 77G)
Translation – 10% (3,700,000 77G)
Facebook Bounty – 15% (5,550,000 77G)
Twitter Bounty – 15% (5,550,000 77G)
YouTube Bounty –10% (3,700,000 77G)
Reddit Bounty – 10% (3,700,000 77G)
Discretionary – 10% (3,700,000 77G)
The Bounty program starts on the 23rd of July 2017 and will run until the end of Token Sale, October 27th, 2018.
You will receive 77G token for performing bounty program activities. Bounties will be distributed throughout the BountyProgram assuming the task has been deemed complete by the GraphenTech team. Within 5 weeks of the completion of the token sale all bounties will be distributed. Campaign - 10% (3,700,000 77G)

BitcoinTalk Campaign begins 7/30/18. Signatures will be posted then!!
Please visit this link to now the rules and details about the BitcoinTalk forum and other bounty procedures.

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