Atikmdag Patcher 2.0.1

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Version 2.0.1 is compatible with Catalyst 15.12 up to Crimson 18.2.3. It can be used with future versions if it finds the limits you need.
Start of work:
Run atikmdag-patcher.executable.
If all constraints are found, click Yes to correct and sign. If the limit is not found or several matches are found, the patch needs to be updated.
To restore an unpatched driver, run patcher again and click Yes to restore from the backup.

Known issues:
Outdated drivers may have problems with HDCP and accelerating video with the patch.
To solve problems with playing videos from outdated drivers:
Disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player settings (right click on any Flash video and select "Settings"...").
Use the codec configuration tool to disable DXVA hardware acceleration in the "various settings" section (in the "Miscellaneous"section).
AMD/ATI cards have a design limitation not related to the patch that causes video acceleration to scramble the screen if the vertical blanking / total is below standard with overclocked video card memory or with multiple monitors connected. Skype is known to be causing this problem. Either do not overclock the memory of the graphics card or use vertical damping/total" LCD standard " in the CRU.
AMD/ATI requires a vertical blanking/total is the" LCD standard " to reduce the hours of memory during idle time. Horizontal values can be reduced if necessary.

Download:!VjRQHYQB!txpGgkmM6_2j ... yj_2_hrtpk

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