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AlgoMiner – program for automatic mining.

1. Working with pools having bitcoin exchange

2. Support for most algorithms

3. Real-time mining pool monitoring.

4. Auto switching miners profitability

5. Simple interface and configuration

6. Built-in benchmark algorithms

Supported pools: zpool, ahashpool, zergpool, blazepool, nicehash, starpool, hashrefinery.

Download link:

How does AlgoMiner work?

Gets API data from the selected pool, processes, runs the most profitable algorithm on your capacities and monitors its performance. According to Your settings the analysis of the pool and a further switch algorithms automatically. The work of the program is displayed in a simple and convenient interface.

How to start?

1. Enter your bitcoin address in the field 1

2. Select pool

3. Run the benchmark (wait for about 4 minutes for each algorithm)

4. Set the basic settings.

5. We set the algorithm settings if necessary, but not necessarily (click twice on the algorithm in the main window, get to the algorithm settings window, the first field indicates the path to the miner, the second settings run the miner, in the third your speed in hashrate. In all fields, you can add or change something. You can also start a benchmark for one algorithm at the same time checking them changed settings).

6. Click start.

Withdrawal depends on the pool, such as zpool translates in the achievement of a balance 0.0025 btc, ahashpool – 0.005 btc, etc.

Operating mode:

1. According to current statistics (profit is calculated according to the current statistics of the pool)

2. 24 hour statistics (taken from the pool statistics for 24 hours)

3. Combined mode (several parameters of pool statistics are taken into account, coins do not jump to the top as quickly as according to the current statistics and not as slowly as in 24 hours)

How to add your miner?

Supported miners on the basis of ccminer and dstm

1. Copy the folder with your miner to the bin folder

2. Be sure to rename the executable file for ccminer and ccminer.exe, for dstm in zm.exe

3. Set the path in the settings of the algorithm.

4. You can test your changes by running a benchmark for the selected algorithm

How do I add an algorithm to the pool?

1. Close the program

2. In the cfg folder, open the file with the name of the pool with Notepad

3. Copy for example first shape of in the end of the text

4. Change the name of the algorithm in the new line to the desired one. First letters before the "|"character.Save files.

5. Run the program. Go to the algorithm settings and change the path to the miner to your own, change the settings of the miner (algorithm, server, port), be sure to leave-p c=BTC

Explanation of the interface:

1. Bitcoin wallet address

2. Approximate calculated yield

3. Pool wallet balance

4. Current bitcoin value

5. Choosing a mining pool

6. The currently running algorithm

7. Use 24-hour pool statistics

8. A window for selecting algorithms and their statistics (for a double click opens the settings window of the algorithm)

9. Auto start mining when you run

10. Follow the miner and restart in case of departure

11. Save log to file

12. The period of the pool data re-request and processing

13. The minimum difference profit in USD (Profit box) to change the algorithm

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