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General information about TronBomb is a socially-oriented, decentralized and fully transparent, entertaining and investment platform based on the Tron Network blockchain. The main goal of TronBomb is to create an ecosystem that includes all the advantages of blockchain technology and takes into account current market problems and disadvantages of competing platforms. Thus, this project aims to change the existing ways to gameplay realization and to make this process more clear, available, enjoyable, and beneficial for players and users of the platform as well as attract attention to blockchain projects and technologies and raise investments.

Main features of TronBomb

1. Platform Dividend Model
  • All funds received by the platform as a profit form a dividend pool and are distributed among project token holders.
  • BOMB tokens are awarded to users after each bet made.
  • Distribution of funds from the dividend pool is conducted by a smart contract every 24 hours. In the DIVIDENDS section on our website, you can see a countdown timer till the next allocation of funds.

2. Socialization of the platform
  • The ranking system allows users to increase their level in the system depending on the number of bets made.
  • Online chat helps users discuss game strategy, project development, and expand, strengthen the TronBomb platform community.
  • Multiplayer games will add a lot of emotions and increase involvement in the gameplay.
  • A multi-level referral system will allow platform promoters to receive high rewards, attracting new users and players to increase their winnings.

3. Jackpots system
  • 5 largest players will receive a reward every 24 hours for the volume of their bets.
  • A random bonus will be received by 20 lucky TronBomb platform users for every past 24 hours.

4. Auction system
  • Part of the dividend pool funds is transferred to the auction fund and is available for purchase for project tokens by auction participants.
  • All tokens got from the auction will be burned.

All these steps are aimed to support the token and the project as a whole, as well as provide players and users with additional bonuses and additional motivation.

Tokenomic and mining

The project token has TRC-20 format. The main purpose of issuing token BOMB is a fair distribution of the platform profits and fair functioning of the dividend system. Due to the fact that project tokens can only be obtained while playing on the platform, we protect the project from any manipulating by third-party investors and from concentrating the token for unfair use. Platform profits are equally distributed among all token holders through a smart contract.

One more feature of the TronBomb project is a well-thought tokenomics:
  • Playing on the platform not just for cryptocurrency TRX, but also for project BOMB tokens.
  • Platform-derived tokens are burned, reducing the total number of tokens in circulation.
  • All tokens obtained as a result of auctions are burned.
  • The system of token buyback and burning. To reduce the total number of tokens in circulation and increase its liquidity, the project team will carry out the buyback of tokens on exchanges with subsequent burning. Information about purchased and burned tokens is available in the appropriate section.

The token mining process is a multi-level system. At each level, players are able to mine any number of tokens, the limitation is time periods. At the first level, players receive one BOMB token for every 500 TRX of bets made; on the second – for every 510 TRX, the third – 520 TRX, etc. with an increase of 10 TRX at each mining level.

Why we use blockchain technology

The online gambling industry is constantly accused of fraud and deception not only from the side of players, but also from investors, businessmen, and state. Such situations lead to the ruin and closure of online platforms. That’s why the appearance of blockchain in this market has led to the solution of these problems and the realization of the huge potential of online games. At the moment, blockchain has the following advantages:
  • No transaction fees.
  • No amount limits.
  • Secure assets storage.
  • No payment delay.
  • Independent tax regulation.
  • Anonymous transactions.

One of the main goals of the TronBomb platform is to expand multiplayer games to increase user socialization and maximize the entertainment component for all participants. At the moment, the number of platforms using and developing multiplayer games in this sphere is extremely small. We want all participants to have an opportunity to enjoy playing together. To increase competitiveness, we have created a system of ranks and bonuses.

Play with TronBomb and get satisfaction and cool bonuses on

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