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the bot version 3.68 has a button "Share" in the control panel trades.

How it works: the trader, finding the coin interesting for the community, presses the "Share" button, and the bot sends a short message to the General channel in the telegram @MoonInt. The message contains the name of the coin, some of its parameters, reg. Trader's ID, name and rating.

Pay attention:

The name and login of the trader for the post in the channel is taken from the bot settings, the "Login"page.
Only 1 bot on 1 computer can send signals via the "Share" button.
The bot can read the @MoonInt channel automatically. It is recommended to set up a strategy to read this channel without auto-purchase,with an audio notification. Keywords in messages can be used in the signal filter, for example, to receive only messages from users with a rating of 5.


In the General settings to make keywords in Fig. below are the points to pay attention to:

Next, make a strategy for each keyword (for different words settings may be different). In the example below, the strategy for signals with a key. word Rating1, is an audible notification, avtoparkovka disabled:
To use the service (sending coins and reading the @MoonInt channel by the bot) You need your consent to send debugging data to our server. Open the "Settings-Login" page and tick "Agree to send debugging data". The bot will send to our server the data needed to calculate the rating: the results (plus or minus) for each closed trade, the name of the coin, the time of opening and closing the order.

rating is calculated on the basis of transactions of other users who used the signal (i.e. opened an order on this signal). The rating changes from 0 to 5, initially all are assigned a rating of 1. The algorithm for calculating the rating is not disclosed and may be changed based on the results of tests without prior notice.
The bot can output market data (5-minute candles and all trades on all markets) to the local UDP port (IP The data is updated only for active pairs (BTC, USDT or ETH, depending on the choice in the bot).

the Bot is also capable of receiving signals on buying via the UDP port.

This function is in the alpha test stage.

To enable go to the settings-special, put a tick "UDP Export".

Data from the bot is sent in binary format in batches of several elements, in UDP parameters specify port 2000, buffer size 65000. The entire array of candles is sent every 5 minutes every update; trades are sent only new ones, but there can be several of them in 1 package.

The signals are received by the bot on the port 1999 in a simple text format. The received signals are processed by a strategy of UDP type
Example of signal: 'Key=Test1 Coin=NEO Order=buy BuyPrice=0.0071'.
parameter Decoding:

Key= the key by which the strategy will be selected in the bot with ACC. by the ChannelKey field (in the example in the picture above it is Test1).
Coin= coin
buy-buy command
sell-activation of the sale on the previously purchased coin (purchased by any strategy, not necessarily UDP)
BuyPrice= price of a buy order. If not specified, the strategy setting will be used
In version 3.43 added tool "Pump Helper", designed to participate in the pampas, which are announced by means of images (the name of the coin is an image that the bot can not read itself).

the Principle of operation: you need to configure the bot PAMP-detector on the average sensitivity (3-5 coins for 30 seconds, an example of the settings at the end of the article). In the detector have to disable autobackups, it is desirable to disable autodrive graphs (charts not once interfered with his work with the right coin).

Include a strategy PAMP detector, avtodetekt, go to the menu and choose the "Helper Pump". A window will open that will always be on top of other windows:
In this window will appear the coins that found the detector. When the "signals" mode is on (as in the picture above), when you press the button with the coin, the bot will immediately buy it (according to the settings from the main window). In the" manual " mode, the bot will only open the schedule, without auto purchase.

You just have to carefully monitor the announcement of the coin in the pump channel, and click on the desired button as soon as you see the coin.

when preparing for the pampas, pay attention to the trail. settings:

In the main window, be sure to use the "ASK price 30-second ago." Otherwise, the risk of buying a coin on the market at a previously unknown price is unreasonably high.

The percentage that you add to the original price, you choose your own (on the screenshot below +30% can be used only for proven pampas groups, for questionable 5-10%).
In the "Settings-Basic" window: if you participate in a proven diaper group, uncheck all boxes as in the screenshot below. Otherwise, pay attention to the settings " Do not buy if the price change > 10..15%", " Do not buy if 3 hour volume > 40..50 BTC " (the bot will not buy if the coin was prepump).

IMPORTANT: if the bot does not buy the coin immediately at the start of the pump (due to risk restrictions, or because the price has soared too sharply), cancel the order or move it below, but in no case higher !
An example of the strategy of PAMP-detector: (is configured at a sufficiently high sensitivity)

To reduce the number of coins issued by the detector, change the parameters.
As mun Bot develops, it becomes more and more complex, adding new features, features and settings. New users have questions - how to configure, where to get channels with signals? Many of them have already found some groups of their own with "signals" of dubious quality, the administrators of these groups often buy the coin themselves, and then give a "signal" and merge it to their subscribers.

History of one of the users:

When he was faced with the setting-it is also stunned by the many fine - tuning for yourself. If you are a professional in trading - then everything is simple. What do those who like me think that the bot has a button "LOOT"? )). When I started to ask for help advice-some sent to read the instructions, others said that everyone should fill himself bumps, others helped showing their settings-in consequence of which I have identified the main thing - there is no ideal settings for those 100500 channels with signals in the Telegram. After all, each channel is unique, in its own way defines keywords, and much more. In addition, among the hundreds of free channels, there are almost no standing - all signals are given there with a delay just for that would be such as we got hooked and gave the money )). What can I say, there are vivid examples when many paid subscriptions copying other people's signals, specifically make a time delay for the very purpose - to cut our money.

Taking into account these nuances, we decided to create our own channel, which will have selected signals from premium channels, as well as a special profile of bot settings for this channel, with which the bot is ready to work "out of the box". We have a lot of experience in understanding the importance of delays between the source of the signal and the appearance of its reposts in other groups; by collecting General statistics, we can constantly monitor which channels give the signal first and which copy it to you after you buy yourself.

subscription to the channel of the moon Bot, please contact

how to connect channel subscription Moon Premium: ... alov-03-20

To start using the moon bot channel, go to settings and activate the profile "settings for special. channel with signals".

Open the "Telegram" page in the settings. Check "Receive signals from Moon Premium channel". Fill in your name, as it is written in your Telegram account; your login in the Telegram; ID in the Telegram.
Click the "Request access" button.
After that:
Turn off the bot, make sure that it does not hang in the tray (Trey is such a strip with a watch, near the clock can be a green arrow up, if it is then PCM and off. PCM is the right mouse button.) and re-enable the Bot.
Go to Settings / Telegram-make sure that the Alternative telegram is running (there should be an inactive window with the inscription Start Alt. telegram in grey letters. If the letters are green, then you need to click on this button)
Make sure that in the running alternative client telegram entered Your account
If someone is already trading on their premium subscriptions, you can use this profile for other channels as well.
For those who want to try-there is a free test channel, in which there are several sources that are included in the Premium channel.
Link to test channel:
Discussion of the special channel on signals:
Bot discussion:
The main nuance when working with the exchange Binance API is the limits on the operation per minute. If you exceed the limits of the exchange gives a ban on IP for 2 minutes, so the bot continuously monitors the loading of the API, when approaching the norm, the operations will be executed with a delay. Visually, the current API usage is displayed by the indicator in the lower panel (API Load).

In General, you can not worry, while the indicator is half full; if it is red, then it is not long before the limit is exceeded, and the bot will begin to insert delays in the commands. The most "heavy" operation is the loading of a full glass (1000 orders), so the bot loads a full glass only for the chart in full-screen mode; the other markets load glasses of 100 orders.
For the same reason, the data loading at the bot start on the binance is divided into 2 stages. First of all, the most necessary data are loaded-volumes, prices, glasses with a depth of 100 orders. Then gradually the bot loads the rest of the data necessary for the calculation of Pump Q (in the status bar the inscription "Update data"). These data are necessary only for the calculation of the Pump Q (namely, the loaded cups with a depth of 500 orders for the calculation of the walls). In manual mode and\or when the check mark on the Pump q is disabled, the bot is ready to work immediately; if the check mark on Q is enabled, then you should wait for the download to finish, otherwise the number Q will be inaccurate.
Method autodetect SuperFast2 does not work on penance as constant monitoring of the glasses eat limit the API you need for managing orders.
Important! On BINAS there are restrictions on the number of coins in the order, min.step prices and volume. If you pay a fee in bitcoins, there will be fractional shares of coins that can not be sold.
Therefore, you need to buy BNB in advance to pay a Commission by them (everything else it also gives a 50% discount on the Commission).
Attention! Bots for Binons cannot be run simultaneously from two machines on the same network (with same IP) ! API requests are summarized, resulting in an instant ban for 2 minutes.
If you have accounts on binance and Bitrix, the bot can be switched between exchanges in the settings:
But it is better to make a separate folder for each exchange by copying the folder with the moon Bot. In the same folder as the bot with the settings for bitrex, the other for Bianca. In this case bots can be launched simultaneously.

By default, the bot uses the original connection method, in most cases it will work without any additional actions on your part.

Depending on your region, Internet provider, network settings, bot can switch methods independently in order to find the best one. If you have a problem with the connection (too high ping more than 500ms, errors in the log when placing orders, stop updating price charts), go to the settings - special. The recommended values are as follows: connection Method 2, checkboxes Custom IP and Auto DNS are (in this case, the bot itself determines the IP of the binance servers using cloudflare dns).
For optimal ping You can try a different IP in the box (the API server requests) and (WebSocket server to stream download price) (select IP is only available for methods 2 and 3). After changing the method or IP, click the "update" button on the right, place an order, move it several times and assess whether the speed of processing requests has improved.

Pay attention! Sometimes server benanza not available. Try different connection methods, each click the update button (to the right of the IP input window) several times. If there is still no connection before you panic, you need to wait 30-60 minutes, in most cases, the problem will solve itself.

If you have tried all of the above, waited more than 60 minutes, and the problem is not solved, you can get advice on setting up in our Telegram group @MoonBotSettings
3 channels announced today a powerful pump ("Huge Pump") joined forces at 18:00 (Moscow time, or 15:00 GMT): @BittrexYobitsWhales,@ToTheMoon,@BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower)

Below are screenshots of the posts from these channels, shot about an hour after everything happened and when I started writing this article:

1. Channel BittrexYobitPumpSignal (aka SuperManPower, he PumpNitro; the channel is often renamed) gave the signal BYC 18:30:18. Then, after 2 minutes, the signal was repeated:
2. The ToTheMoon channel issued the same BYC signal, but only at 18:32:09, 2 minutes after the first channel. It is easy to guess that people who signed up only for this channel and did not see BYC ads in the first channel, lost their money on this pump.
I participated in this pump with the help of a bot. I expected that all three mentioned channels would give the same signal (as it usually happens).

As you can see in the screenshot above, the very first BYC signal came at 18:30:18. Now look at the graph of the pampas of this coin below: prepump began as much as 18: 29: 47! Of course, the Bot, noticing such an unhealthy prepump, did not buy the coin, but simply put an order for the lowest price for the last hour; the order naturally was not executed (since the real price was already 30 percent higher at the time of placing), and I soon simply canceled the order.
After BYC came the signal to BLITZ. As I said, I expected signals in all 3 channels, and when BittrexYobitsWhales issued a message about BLITZ, the bot found this coin worthy of purchase (almost without prepump, good "pump-quality" - 90). So the bot bought BLITZ and soon sold it with a profit of +6% (black dot on the chart is a buy order, blue line is a sell order. The buy order was executed instantly, so instead of a line it is drawn by 1 point. The order for the sale was executed not immediately, but after about 20 seconds).
It is difficult to say what happened in the admins of these channels, why there was such a mess. Really BLITZ signal was much better than BYC, but for some reason it posted only 1 channel and almost immediately removed.

The moral of the story: do not trust the admin channels and play pampas carefully. Good tools can make life much easier :)
A good pump with almost zero praanam. Easy +10% increase in price with minimal risk.
Coin: SolarCoin (SLR)
Source: @ToTheMoon
Price raised: 10%
1 minute chart of Bitrex of this Pampa:Image Schedule Pampa from our app Pump Bot:
The announcement of this coin came under the guise of" HODL signal " (HODL - meme, which occurred from the word HOLD - hold), i.e. the admin of the channel advised to buy this coin for a long time. However, we do not engage in fundamental analysis, and do not trade signals. The bot is created for the sole purpose-to extract profit from pampas, and it copes with it perfectly well! Therefore, any announcement of the coin, no matter how it was called - "signal", "pump", "technical analysis showed that the coin X will grow...."from the point of view of the Bot is a signal Pampa, that is a quick buy-sell operation. In this example, I sold the pump on the 2nd minute, although the price continued to grow, but I decided not to risk further. You can never know in advance how long the growth will continue, but you can know exactly that after the announcement of the coin it will immediately begin to grow-that's it on this Bot and makes a profit!
Very good pump with almost zero praanam. Although the price increase is very high (8%), but the risks are minimal due to the smooth growth for a long time.

Coin: vTorrent (VTR)
Source: @WePump
Price increase: 8%
1-minute chart of Bittrex:
Schedule Pampa from our app Pump Bot:
Returning to the question of lagging in the telegram and explanations dishonest on the hand of administrators of pampas: I have already written that the time of the message in the telegram is very accurate at the time when it was sent (and not when it was received by You). The above exchange chart proves this once again. The message about the beginning of VTR pampas came in the channel @WePump, in this channel about 48 000 participants:
The exact time of the message: 23:00: 01. Now let's look at the VTR Pampa chart with a resolution of 1 second:
There are only 2 small buy orders until 23:00:01 which had no effect on the price of the coin. You can forgive the admin for it:) However, it was probably just random people. Personally, I was able to buy a Bot at 23:00:03 (black tick on the chart), 2-second delay from 00:01 to 00:03 due to the reaction time and the log of the exchange to accept the order. If there were significant message delivery delays in the Telegram, many people (of the 48,000 chat participants) would have received the message earlier, and would have bought earlier, but the schedule proves that it did not happen.

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