How do Remitano exchanges work?

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Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:01 am

The trading of cryptocurrencies in the Remitano platform is completely based on the escrow concept. Escrow is nothing but the authentic process that takes place under surveillance of an intermediary person until the specified condition is met. In this exchange platform, the seller is the one who meets the conditions!

Know how the entire trade takes place in remitano!

1. The Seller sends the amount of BTC which needs to be traded.
2. BTC sent by the seller is stored in the escrow wallet.
3. Once the arbitrations are completed, the buyer sends the fiat money to the seller.
4. Then the seller approves the payment and notifies the exchange platform.
5. After that, the BTC is transferred to the buyer’s wallet from escrow.
Remitano charges the fees up to 1% of the entire transaction.

Wondering to know more ??

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