You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in traditional currencies such as Euro / Dollar.

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Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:17 pm

BBLINKIO OÜ /BBlinkio/ is a company registered in Estonia (registry code 14718623), that operates an online crypto currency exchange (crypto to fiat) called BitcoinBlink, with the appropriate licenses issued by the European Union.
BBlinkio OÜ via its platform “BitcoinBlink” allows its users (individual or corporate) to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for traditional currencies such as the Euro/Dollar.
 Virtual Currency Wallet Service FRK000807
 Exchange of cryptocurrency to Fiat Currency FVR000913
BBlinkio strives to protect their Users from fraudulent and scam activities in the crypto assets sphere.
It is possible, that certain crypto assets are used for scam or any other criminal activity, as defined by law. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to take measures to ensure customer verification and security of financial transactions.
One of the important measures is AML/KYC procedure, which allows us to confirm, that you are a law-abiding individual or corporation. For security reasons, we are not able to disclose specific criteria of our system, however, it has proven to be very effective against money launderers, scammers etc.
BBlinkio service reserves the right to apply the AML/KYC procedure to certain Users, addresses and particular transactions of crypto assets.
Application of the AML/KYC procedure is based on BBlinkio service internal policies and aimed at preventing and mitigating possible risks of BBlinkio service being involved in money laundering as well as any other illegal activities.
 Create an account
 Link your bank account
 Start buying & selling
BitcoinBlink has entered into a partnership with Simplex, a financial solution provider that offers a fraud-free medium to buy and sell Bitcoins using credit cards.
If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading you can simply visit at
Youtube: ... ir9qCQQ2mw

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Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:35 am

Before you start trading, you must definitely check the platform on which you will trade for the availability of relevant documents, as well as its reputation.

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