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Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:05 pm

<r><COLOR color="#00BF00"><s></s>When was the last time you’ve been playing games? What was your favorite game in your childhood? What kind of game you are still playing nowadays?<br/>
This game is Monopoly. Every 7th person in the world play this game.<br/>
Also you are interested in blockchain, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?<br/>
So why not combine these two of your interests into one?<br/>
Meet the next generation game - CRYPTOPOLY!<br/>
<br/> is a multiplayer game based on the popular game Monopoly, but have the possibility of earning and withdrawing real money!<br/>
Why you only buying tokens from only one ICO? Become the owner of all ICOs, create the cryptoworld!<br/>
Do not even try this game if you're afraid that this will infatuate you for a long time!<br/>

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