noncerpro Kadena 1.3.1 miner for KDA Kadena (Ether killer...)

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Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:32 am

It's the ether killer, like everyone else, who solves problems that the ether hasn't solved so far.
You know what I mean?)

Will be held from December 6, 2019, the algorithm Blake2s
Blake2s used to be in a duel with the Reds and then disappeared... He must have been an asykie with him... + There's an algorithm on the nask...

Last update:
  • Added support for AMD cards
  • Use --platform amd or --platform nvidia
  • Corrected fluctuations in hashrate report
  • Changed the maximum intensity of non-RTX graphics cards to 23
Install noncerpro Kadena 1.3.1: Calculator:

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