[ANN] DelosMiner for nVidia GPUs by TeamDelos

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DelosMiner for nVidia GPUs by TeamDelos
optimized for BitCore, c11, hmq1725, hsr, LYRA2v2, Phi, Skein, Skunk, Tribus, x16r, x16s, x17

DelosMiner ver 1.3.0a

DelosMiner is a highly optimized cryptocurrency miner that runs on modern nVidia GPUs (Maxwell and Pascal, i.e. GPUs that have compute capability 5.0 or above). DelosMiner was initially used internally by TeamDelos. We decided, however, to share this miner. Depending on your feddback more releases will be provided.

We made great experience with nVidia GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 GPUs. Please let us know your results with your hardware!

Download - Stable Builds

Win 32-bit with CUDA
9.2: https://mega.nz/#!ePZyhZCb!W7aExxHZzsJY ... sZtvMfZ1XQ

Download - Experimental Builds

Win 64-bit with CUDA
9.2: https://mega.nz/#!GGwl2AoC!nieKbmW_LlpG ... QskgmAUVM0


CUDA 9.1 is faster for most algos on most systems compared to CUDA 9.2. Hence, we recommend to use the CUDA 9.1 build!
32-bit versions might perform faster for certain system configurations.
64-bit versions are not stable yet. We appriciate your feedback, if you like to test them.

Command line usage and API is identical to ccminer, such as this:

Dev fee

low dev fee 1%
Dev fee will start randomly when miner is first started. After 1% of time mined then automatically switches back to user pool.
Release notes


Logging: shows pool switching.

Performance boosts on LYRA2v2, Skein and x16r!
Additional core speed improvements of up to 2% for most algos.
Revised dev fee mechanism for a seemless mining experience.

Essential stability fix!
Additional core speed improvements +1-2% total for all algos.

Core speed improvements +2-3% total for all algos.

Segmentation fault fixed.

Rewrite of x16r engine for performance boost.
Further code optimizations.

Minor performance improvement for nVidia GTX 1070.
Show network ping.

Fix potential regression caused by 1.1.0 for GPUs mounting on risers.
Improve HMQ1725 mining stability.

First public release.

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