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How does ApiTrade work?

The service is not a pyramid scheme, does not accept and does not store deposits (trades via API in customer accounts on exchanges).
This is a high-tech project with advanced algorithms based on machine learning.
They perform thousands of low-risk transactions, increasing user balances on cryptocurrency exchanges at a predictable rate.
The algorithms use the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the difference in exchange rates between exchanges to increase the income of users.
Moreover, it is possible to increase the number USDT (equivalent to USD), not depending on the exchange rate for bitcoin.
You don't need to configure anything - the service is fully automatic.
While almost no one knows about the project, you can" remove the cream " from a new topic and make very good money on the affiliate program.
Many people who hear about our project in the first (and second) time cannot believe that it is possible at all, that it sounds too good to be true, etc.
But hundreds of users have seen this and every day publish screenshots of income in telegram chat and on various forums.
Three algorithms of the system are running:
1) the Ring Algorithm (intra-exchange arbitrage) is a high-frequency trading algorithm that looks for inefficiencies within a single exchange.
2) the Wave Algorithm uses volatility within one pair in one exchange, buying the coin when it is all sold, at a relatively low price, and selling the coin when it is all bought, at the peak. This algorithm brings especially big profit at decrease and fluctuations of rates.
3) the "Mirror" Algorithm is the so-called spatial arbitrage of cryptocurrencies between different exchanges. The service automatically tracks the differences of rates between different currencies in different exchanges, and in case of detection of large differences in exchange rates makes instant mirror transactions to buy currency on one exchange and sell it to another, where it is more expensive.
First for automated trading, we are hooked big stock exchanges, which are not limited to registration and can be fast enough to pass the verification: Binance, Huobi and Kucoin.
Without cheating:
Our ApiShops project has been working for more than 7 YEARS!

For us, trust is the main thing.
The project is international, we plan to have more than 5 million users in a year!
Example of a personal account of one of the users for the first 10 days from the opening of the service:

Link to file sharing to download the program Apitrade:

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