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The Best Bitmex Trade Copier bitMEX trading BOT that has a strategy to make 4% to 8% daily, but if you are making a net profit of 160 to 200% Per month then the daily average easily comes to around 4 to 8%.

We only say what we are able to make through our Bitmex Trade Copier – it is very dynamic in nature thus it is also called as Dynamic BOT

Our Bitmex Dynamic BOT displays all the Premium Signals – thus even if you don’t have access to Telegram then also you don’t need to worry about it

Soon our Dynamic Bot will also be available directly on app which will take the trading to never level

We have been digging out the best signals irrespective of any market condition in our Bitmex Premium Group

It is not possible in manual trading to make consistent profit – This is where our Dynamic BOT comes in picture.

Our Dynamic Bitmex BOT has traded in the right direction as it has excellent AI & inbuilt strategy to produce maximum gains

It exits the trade with minor loss but makes huge profit – as its success ratio is very good

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