Ethereum-Based Virtual Museum Tokenizes Bitcoin Artwork

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Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:11 am

Image Popular Bitcoin artist Bnoiit.c just created a virtual museum based on the Ethereum blockchain. The museum dubbed ‘Cryptovoxels’ will ensure that censored artworks remain immutably stored for online viewers. Among the collections is a Bitcoin mural by French street artist Pascal Boyart, which French Authorities had painted over earlier this year.
Revolutionary stirrings
Nonetheless, Cryptovoxels documents the storyline of the subversive mural-; which is a modern-day reworking of classical revolutionary painting by Eugene Delacroix, “La Liberté Guidant le Peuple” (Loosely translated to Liberty Guiding the People).
Pascal created the mural to honor the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Genesis Block. Which lately recast rebels that had risen against King Charles X back in 1830 as contemporary modern “Gilets Jaunes/Yellow Vest protestors.
Initially conceived as a street art treasure hunt, the mural contains a puzzle worth a 0.284 BTC bounty-; whose solution you could work out by being physically on the front of the mural. Well, note that the artist made the painting only a month after its creation. Meanwhile, blockchain artists have tokenized the mural as a digital collectible- and divided into a collection of non-fungible Ethereum tokens - a hundred of them. Which buyers can purchase and sell through the popular peer to peer virtual collectibles marketplace, OpenSea.
Users who might want to display their fragments of the mural can purchase Ethereum based “Land Parcels” on Cryptovoxels -; similar to artwork, the parcels can be bought and sold through OpenSea open marketplace.

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