Major aspects and total solar eclipse over America in August

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This year of 2017 is going to be full of surprises, ”Expect the unexpected”, would be the motto for this year, and is it even possible to do that. Many revelations about government scandals will come out in the open that could be shocking.

This is also affecting the markets very much, the markets will be very volatile and unpredictable, many will become millionaires and many will also loose.

We have Saturn the ”Lord of Karma” that just stationed on the galactic center April 6 and turning retrograde. The effects of this large planet going retrograde could be depicted something like… You better did your homework, because if you didn’t you’ll have to stay behind in the classroom and write 100 times on the blackboard ”I will from now on always do my homework”.
It is going to be tough… specially if you did not do your homework. BUT if you did, you will be generously rewarded! You will still have to work for it, just to make sure you'll never forget this particular lesson, but it will be worth it... Just like Terence McKenna said, the trick is to get out of here with the soul and the wallet.
This backward journey of Saturn will end on August 25 so this influence will last all summer.

On August 21 there will be a total solar eclipse traveling all across the USA, this means that America is going to be very much affected by these energies and they are pretty hot energies. Eclipses often trigger great events, and it depends on the collective consciousness how it will play out.

The aspects of this period we are in now are mirroring the aspects of the late Sixties and the flower power movement. The task we have to deal with now is to see what those times brought us that was good and we want to take with us for the future. And what was not so good, or what has degenerated and we want to discard.

Next big event coming up is the full moon of May 10, this is the most powerful full moon of the year regarding the power of spiritual energies that will flood the earth, more on that in a separate post.

Enjoy the ride ;)

I’m a Pranic healer, analysing astrology and also working with Tarot and crystals. I'm part of the KATZ coin Team to :P Hope to provide You with the best info from all my worlds!

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