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Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:10 am

The HYPER Distribution system has been set up on the HYPER info website at https://cryptodatabase.net/hyper.

This system operates off of my CD/DKV2U user system and requires each user to be logged in to use the Distribution system. If you have already registered to my site then all you have to do is login and then visit the HYPER info website and click HYPER Distribution on the left hand menu.

Follow the steps below to make your claim.

Log in or Register to Crypto Database and visit https://cryptodatabase.net/hyper/dist.php.
Open your HYPER wallet and right click your HYPER tray icon and select Sign Message.
A small window will open with 3 boxes, enter the address you wish to sign in the top box
In the second larger box enter the following phrase without quotation marks, "HYPERDistribution" and click the Sign Message button.
After you have signed your address with the requested message post your address and signature in the form located on the HYPER Distribution page.

If you do not know how to sign an address view this image for further help, https://prnt.sc/hz7ftm

The Distribution system will automatically check your signature against the message and address and return a true or false statement. If your signature does not come back as true it will give you an error message and instruct you to try again with a new signature.

If you do not put the message for the signature as HYPERDistribution then the signature check will fail and reject your claim.

The amount each address will receive is based off of the remaining swap balance divided by circulating supply. As the supply increases the bonus amount each address is eligible for will decrease accordingly.

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