Go Unheard (Part 3) The secret that I keep

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:35 pm

Prison is filled with those with no soul.
Entangling the mind
The child within
Is who takes the toll.

The priest before me
Wishes to take my confession
Asking why did I
Turn death into an Obsession

I tell him the secret that I keep
I only took the women
Not to fill my desire
But to hold me as I weep.

Why didn’t they behave?
Only care for their tears
And not mine
To which I am a slave.

I took them to calm the voices in my head
Selfish whores
They refused to open their hearts
So I opened them to death instead.

I would look into their lifeless stare
I am reminded of my mother
About when I was attacked, and her words.
“I do not care”

Now the Priest’s picture is clear to see
In through all my life
There was nothing there to
Protect me.

He offers me
The lord’s guiding light
Why ? So he could sleep better
Thinking his god is right?

I ask him how is his god fair?
Knowing all that I went through
All his followers can do to teach me how wrong
It is to kill someone, is to give me the chair?

If you really want to find peace in your head
Ask your foolish God to send you
Back in time
And put you in my place instead.

He gets up to leave,
Soon it is time for this dog to be fed.
I tell him that I will see him in the darkness
I will make sure to visit him in his dreams
Long after I am dead.

Because when you dream
You speak not a word.
When I am killing you
Your screams will go unheard.

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Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:23 am

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