Major Travel Agent Announces Intention To Create Own Tokens

Blockchain OTA is to release 1,000 exclusive membership club funding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The ‘Travel Tigers’ will be uniquely and randomly generated and are the key to the fast-growing agencies’ new Smart Diamond Membership.

This loyalty programme will provide members with access to a range of offers and rewards or “ambassador bonuses”.

Each quarter, a pool of travel credits worth 10% of’s net revenue will be made available to claim by Smart Diamond members.

Membership also provides members with the opportunity to receive random “travel drops” or prizes ranging from luxury hotels to flight tickets and private retreats. will retain 100 of the Travel Tiger NFTs for marketing, promotion and future funding of the loyalty program.

Smart tier 5 members on will have the opportunity to whitelist and purchase the Travel Tiger NFTs in an upcoming private sale to be announced soon.

These will be the only founders edition Travel Tiger NFTs ever created, making the holders of them part of a very exclusive club, said

Juan Otero, chief executive, said: “It’s great to see continue innovating towards the future of travel.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to enhance the travel experience through NFTs, and we’re excited to continue evolving the offering in line with the needs and wants of travellers.”

The OTA described Travel Tigers as “nomadic travellers who roam the world to their heart’s content, savouring the bountiful luxuries of rich cultures in every corner of the globe.”

It added: “From sunbathing on the Riviera to scaling Mount Everest, the Travel Tigers use the Earth as their personal playground, letting their instincts dictate their adventures. Private jets to secluded islands? Check.

“Palatial yachts in the Mediterranean? Naturally. Helicopters above the Andes? Only every other week. Collectively, the Travel Tiger entourage pushes the definition of ‘bucket list’ to its limits, leaving no stone unturned in their opulent escapades.”

The Smart Diamond membership will be available to users that lock up 2,500 AVA (a multi-chain travel utility token or currency) and also connect their Travel Tiger NFT.

The Travel Tiger NFT, along with locking 2,500 AVA, serve as the holder’s keys to activate Smart Diamond status.

The NFTs will be able to be bought and sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace after the initial mint and sale that will take place on the website.

Royalties will be collected from all secondary market trading of the Travel Tiger NFTs, of which 50% will go into the community pool to fund AVA community-driven initiatives.